Tuesday, December 30

Protestati Summus

I will spend my new newyear at Strasbourg, East of France, frontier region with Germany. Strasbourg is a historic protestant region. I will visit too a medievel town called Heildelbeg in Germany. Martin Luther spent some time in Heildelberg defending his reformed thesis. For me, this experience is very exciting. I am just going as a tourist to enjoy my holidays. Yet it will be historical spiritual expereince. Some how walking in my cultural, spiritual and historical roots.

Two months ago I preached at my church for the Reform day;

"Protestati Summus" was a declaration made on the XVI century. It was transalated at the time as "We protest". For this reason we are called until today "Protestants." Yet if we go to the original Latin, it actualy means "We solemnly state"

My sermons is about our protestant heritage and how depitet the fact some times people think whe have no history our roots are strong and our steps are clearly marked in time and history.

The conclusion of my message was that 500 years after the reformed history "we still solemny state" (so; we protest) as Calvin and Luther did, our faith in the Kingdom and his King

My message was in French and you may find it on my church website:


Yet I find that Google does an almots acceptable English translation here:


My blog does not accept PDF files, so until i find a site to post my english version, I can olny propose you the google translation.

So if you have the time to read and you don't mind some google imperfections, you will understand why this trip is so exciting to me.

Have a good end of 2008 and may 2009 richly be Bleesed by our Lord

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