Monday, December 29

500 years of Jean Calvin

I hope you had a great Christmas. I did my self.

Living in Paris is an amazing historical and cultural experience. Walking on the 5em neighbourhood admiring christmas decorations of the rue Moufettard ( a chic and trendy street) I found the rue Jean Calvin.
France is not a protestant country. Actually Paris is historically Catholic and mostly agnostic. So when I found a Jean Calvin street in such a nice neigborhood I felt pretty proud.

Did you know that Calvin is French? He was born 115 Km from Paris in a nice town called Noyon.

2009 is coming and European Protestants will celebrate the 500 birthday of Calvin.

Check this site〈=2

Take your time to check this site and read how this humanist pushed even further the reform Martin Luther started. 500 years later and Calvin's teachings are still shaping our protestant culture.

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