Monday, December 15

A Post Modern culture child

This blog is my eclectic way to rethink and share my ideas. Lately I find myself missing being a University Christian Student trying to change the world or at least the church. Good old times.

It has been 13 years that I live and work in Paris. I do share many things from a European point of view. My main references are Eureopen theologians and that is since my early young age as a Christian.
Yet I am a proud Latin American who remains very peruvian deep inside. Although when I arrived in France, I interpreted and experienced French culture from an English North American way of thinking. I lived in Canada, Nova Scotia almost 5 years at Acadia University (Business School) This experience marked my life and some times I miss Canada as my own home country

I have lived my faith in three different cultures and languages and although each time the experience was so different… Jesus is the same here, there and over there, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

My life is not common either, I divorced 6 years ago and since then I am single dad beacuse my son remained with me.( I have full custody)

So although I am very orthodox on my evangelical faith, my life and experiences are pretty much the result of the post modern culture of the end of XX century and when I read the Bible I cannot read it otherwise. So Orthodoxy may not mean the same for me as for you.

Being post-modern is a matter of being a little provocative? yes in way, but I am Post modern despite myself.
If Jean Calvin, Martin Luther,
Ulrich Zwingli challenged their time, it was because they challenged traditional truth with a new way to read the Bible. So I think my generation has too a new challenging way to read the bible.

Ecclesia Reformata, Semper Reformanda: "The church reformed and always to be reformed".
This was the motto of our reformed Fathers. So why should we be afraid of being post modern?

It is our task no to remain in our easy Bible readings that keeps us safe in our Confort Zone and support Status Quo.
We have to challneg our points of view and read and reread the "living"word of God

Yet never forget that:
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:7).


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