Tuesday, December 16

My Sources

Through out these years some authors have strongly influenced on my way of thinking. So I wanted to share a litlte my youth heros.

Rene Padilla, (Argentinian Baptist) I started reading theology with him in 1990. His works on the Kingdom Coming as a present reallity woke up on me a hunger to understand better the Word of God and His kingdom coming.

Jurgen Moltman (German Lutherian) and his Theology of Hope, marked my life in 1991.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German Lutherian) and his courage and understanding of the love of God inspired me.

Karl Barth (German Reformed) and his neo Orthodoxy set up my path of thinking.

Soeren Kierkeegard (Dannish Lutherian) challenged me and faced me to my own paradoxes and invited me to embrace the pardoxe in Christ.
Oscar Cullman (French Lutherian) I read him in English , his chirstolgy made me realize even more the love of God.

Jacques Ellul (French Reformed) redefined my understanding of Culture and History from Biblical point of view.

and Jean Calvin, (the French reformer), who so often sends me back to the Word of God as only source of truth!!

What am I? I am Christian of course and.... my church? well I am an Elder at a Parisian French Reformed Evangelical Church( Hugonot Descendant )

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