Tuesday, January 6

What is your theological worldview? "The Test"

Fascinating exercice this Test !! And Honnestly I do like the result.

So I guess I am a Neo Ortodoxs Post Modern Evangelical. Cannot hide it any more, I have been cought!

I wonder what would happen if I present myself like this next time I preach at my local Church (lol)

Titles are nice, and the mind exercices are nice too. So I did enjoy this test. Yet let's do not loose sight that we are "Chrisitians" simple and basic Jesus followers. And if so, we are no better than the widow, the prostitute and the thief that have decided to follow him too. They may even be before us in the Kingdom coming.

Otherwise check this cool test here

and have fun...

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  1. I didn't find this quiz all that helpful. I'm definitely not a Wesleyan, even though the quiz said so. Plus labels are not always that helpful, in fact, they can stifle theological conversation.
    Dim Lamp